Brian Phillips

Brian joined the firm in 1998, having worked as a solicitor in Sydney and northern NSW for a number of years. He has degrees in Law and Urban and Regional Planning.

Brian worked as a professional Town Planner for ten years, most of which was in Local Government. He still practises as a town planner.

Brian's particular area of practice is centred on town planning, environmental and local government law. He has a wide range of experience in planning and environmental law having acted for and against councils. His local government experience is a valuable asset when advising clients how best to deal with local authorities.

Brian's work includes appeals to the Land & Environment Court in relation to:

  • SEPP-5 Housing for the Aged and Disabled
  • Proposed developments encroaching the Foreshore Building Line
  • Developments in Industrial Zones
  • Appeals to the Supreme Court objecting to and seeking easements
  • Appeals on Council's refusal of Development/Building Applications
  • Appeals against Orders issued under the Local Government & Environmental Planning & Assessment Act
  • Valuation of land appeals
  • Tree and fence disputes

In addition, he advises on planning issues generally, including:

  • Development Applications
  • Objections to development applications affecting neighbours
  • Council's planning instruments eg LEPs
  • Objecting to draft LEPs and DCPs
  • Easements
  • Rezoning applications

Brian may be contacted at